Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Everyone Needs a Nerd...

Nerds are often the target of many jokes...and not surprisingly so. However, nerds are very needed in today's day & age... and sometimes even envied. Nerds usually have an expert knowledge is some field: math, science, computers, comics, superheros, magic, computer games, etc. Nerds also have a certain loveable way, like the show Beauty and the Geek, many times beauties will fall in love with the geeks (unexplainable). Now, I'm not that kind of nerd, but I am a nerd when it comes to real estate. My company, Your Castle Real Estate, are known as the experts of Denver market real estate knowledge. We have come up with a maximus intelligensius ton of Denver market knowledge using our two custom software packages. The first appraises all 20,000+ properties on the Denver market to uncover the small number of exceptional values. Our clients often save $20,000 to $50,000 on the properties they purchase with us. The second software system does extensive economic research on what is going on in the 350 Denver Metro neighborhoods, and what is driving those trends. It happens to be the source for the Denver Post price change map. Among other things, we study price changes by neighborhood, discount trends, marketing time trends, and the impact of foreclosures on the market. We do this for homes, condos, and income properties.

That makes me a nerd. But not just any nerd...your Denver real estate nerd. And you need one.

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